Nautical Procedures

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  • Ship registration in Italy and abroad

  • Registration in the register of ships under construction

  • Transfers of property

  • Appointment and revocation of ship-owners

  • Annotation and cancellation of ship users

  • Issuing of licenses: RTF- EPRIB- SSB

  • Issuing of MMSI code

  • Issuing of radiotelephone operators’ license

  • Commercial activities, charter vessels, nautical schools, scuba diving, rentals, etc...

  • Enrolment of navigation staff

  • Take-over and redemption of leasing contracts

  • Cancellation from Italian and foreign ship registries

  • Cancellation from ship register due to change in category from ship to watercraft

  • Standard nautical searches – Extracts from the registry of pleasure craft

  • EC nautical certification

  • Watercraft testing – renewal of safety certificates – engine dismounting – issuing of certificates of conformity for leasing

  • Renewal of licenses

  • Issuing of duplicate documentation

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